WIP Wednesday – Crochet baby cardigan


Can we just take a minute – CHANNING TATUM IS GETTING A DIVORCE! Seriously, i have no hope for couples if he is getting a divorce, plus side he’s single.

On today’s list of WIPS i have rummaged through my WIP box and pulled out a baby cardigan i started a little while back for that order – Still plugging away. I think it was a mistake to of let it sit for so long as my tension has slightly changed, so when it came to doing the right panel it feels a little bit different than the left one i made previously.
That being said, i can always make another left one if when joining it doesn’t quite look right. I think with blocking it all after it might not be at noticeable.

I only have the sleeves, collar and button hole to do then i have to join it all up. I must say this pattern i am using which i will show in a sec, looks very cute! The pattern booklet does look more for boys, but honestly just change the colour right?




What i like about making baby garments like this is that its work in separate sections, i don’t mind the joining up etc. I think it looks a lot nicer, i did make a cardigan once that was worked in one but i didn’t love it. Personal preference i suppose?

This is the pattern i am using so you guys can find links to buy the booklet, i actually ordered mine from Ebay at a pretty good price! They aren’t to download they are actual pattern booklets. I got a few of these because you actually get three patterns in one and they have ALOT of size ranges so i think its bang for your buck.
Image result for 3476 pattern

I am trying to hard to get stuff finished and my WIP box is so full – I look at most of them and think, i wish i never started them! SO i think this month will be a lot of finishing projects and unraveling.


Before i go i would like to mention my mental health printable postcards i am selling on Etsy. All earnings from this purchase will 100% be going to the charity Mind
Please help support a great cause, mental health is over looked and i want to help make a difference and i want to help spread the word.

Also, i have a bag of spinach and kale i wanted to freeze for smoothies – It’s a few days out of date so do i throw it out or is it good?

Chow for now xo

WIP Wednesday – My new craft adventure

I'm trying all these new things.Some work and most fail. But that won't stop me from trying something else.I am finding who i am...


So you know i lost interest in the selling side of crochet, which i fully blame why i just don’t love crocheting anymore. I am struggling to push through and still haven’t finished that baby order but a lot of that is also personal. Anyways, once that’s done i am only going to concentrate on making baby booties – I love them, they are small cute.

You are thinking oh look at this silly cow, changing her mind again. Yeah, guess what i don’t actually care. My whole life i start and try new things, some i stick with and some i don’t. – Crocheting though i will stick with i just need to find that love again.

But i have really been enjoying learning hand lettering and modern calligraphy. Something about it has been really relaxing me, but i have wasted so much paper in doing so which i don’t think is fair on the planet – Sorry.
You know me i like to add quotes in my post sometimes, and i have always been this quote freak. I have a ton saved on my phone and lots that i have used to practise my hand lettering.

So i asked God and oddly i found my deck of angel cards. Archangel Gabrielle was pulled and he asked me to tell him my desires, dreams, what i want. I also asked for help in return by showing or guiding me on what path i should be on. I told him what i want in a personal letter – And then wrote to God talking about the same thing. God probably saw already ’cause i just assume his eyes look at everything LOL.

I woke up today and i was going to scan some of my quotes i had hand drew to just see how the quality would scan – And i saw all of my flaws in my work. Which meant that i needed to keep at it and perfect it. Don’t run too soon right?
So then i was like, – DIGITAL.

I have spend all day creating a few digital prints available to buy on my Etsy store. You might of seen these before but that’s kind of unavoidable.

The first one is one i think all you crafters will like! – The best thing is you can print them from home using some quality paper – Or send them to a printer service. Personally, my printer sucks so id get online and upload! PLUS super lazy.

Untitled design


*Frame not included.

All of my prints so far are 8×10 inches and i will be sticking with this size for a while as it’s the most common but i am looking into designing some smaller ones.

You can buy this print by clicking HERE – All prices are including VAT.

Thanks for reading! Any questions feel free to ask.

WIP Thursday 18.01.18

I craft insteadof doing myhousework

Well this week has been a bit off schedule, i wanted to film my kindle cover book but i have got a swollen gum (wisdom tooth trying to make an appearance) so it’s been a bit painful and we all know how toothache just drains you! So off to the dentist tomorrow.

My WIP Wednesday post is late because i just couldn’t be bothered, i have been pattern testing for Emma @ Emmacraftsdesign



So i finished up her Sandy the sea dragon yesterday and i am really impressed with the way it turned out. Emma wrote the pattern out extremely well and had enough pictures to show what she was doing. I haven’t made any amigurumi for a while so i thought i was going to be a bit rusty. The only thing that annoyed me was my white cotton, it was awful to work with and very splitty, so noted that is not a brand i will be using again! Which is a shame as the rico essentials cotton (not baby) was one of my favourites and i always recommend that cotton to people!
The other cottons i used was rico baby so its so different and lovely to use. But in terms of winning brands for cotton, Yarn & colours is just brilliant.
Thank you again Emma for letting me test Sandy, you’re amazing! I’ll link her blog and insta at the end of this post.

So far as crocheting is concerned i haven’t done much or made much progress since i posted my picture on Instagram 


The stitch i am using is a Herringbone HDC (U.S terminology) I will be doing a tutorial on this stitch before filming the Kindle sleeve i made. Hopefully tomorrow i feel okay enough to film and then get all my videos up for the weekend.

I have also been writing and trying to hit my word count, then recorded another Sims 4 speed build which was tiring as this build took a bit longer and thankfully i didn’t have to talk as i do the voice over after the editing.
I also would like to thank Robin over at Imperial crochet  she shared her Zazzle store and i have been wondering what it’s all about. So i’ve opened my own little shop where i can design stuff and basically put them on items to sell.

I have just finished up a tote bag design, which is available HERE  if you use the code ZJANUARYSALE you will get 25% off!

If your not already taking part in this months Bake off over at Tracy’s blog then please consider taking part! Not just this month but EVERY month. I missed lasts, but i am hoping to keep up and try and bake every month 😀

That’s it for today folks, if you want to checkout Emma and follow when the release for Sandy is available  her insta is also here


And i will shamelessly plug my social media right now > Instagram 
Buy my tote bag > Here


Take care folks! xo

WIP Wednesday: Crochet Gingham | And a hi from Peter Rabbit

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since the previous WIP Wed!? What is even that all about.
I did mention that i would be trying out some cable crochet blanket, but i actually started another project.
Its the Gingham blanket by Daisyfarmcrafts – I spotted this a while back on her Instagram

So me and the mother as usual, went on a bit of a yarn splurge, and i bought some Caron Simply soft. FIRST OFF, why have i never tried this yarn before? I find this to be my new favourite and really tops the love of Stylecraft, its so soft i can’t even explain it. I got the shades victorian rose i think and off white.
The pattern i used, (which is linked above but i will link again later on)- uses this yarn, and for the first time ever i went by the pattern. She doubles up the yarn, so i used a 10mm hook – It also asks for 3 balls of each shade, i got 4 just in case i wanted it bigger.


It looks a little different from hers as i have used more subtle colours and the pattern is sc in one HDC in next, but i am doing HDC throughout because i am lazy. She also has 8 different patterns for this, as it can be done with different colours and stiches which can be found here

Thoughts so far – It definitely isn’t a project i will be in a rush to finish. Partly because i aren’t enjoying the constant dropping and picking up the next colours after working so many stitches. I think that’s because its double strands and even though chunky blankets etc are quicker it annoys me – That’s not the pattern writers fault, it’s personal preference and i should of really frogged it and went with just doing one strand, but i wouldn’t have that mix of cream and pink in the squares.
After so many rows of using the pink and white mix, it will go onto plain pink and then plain off white. You just then alternate to create the Gingham style pattern, which when you look up gingham so many crochet designers have a different take on it.

The last thing i am not 100% about is that you have to constantly carry the yarn over. So in total you have 4 strands all the time, two on your hook and two being carried over which then will be swapped around etc.
The reason i don’t like this is because you can see the yarn being carried over in your work – It is unavoidable as she has mentioned this i think in a Youtube video, so i should of really given it a better thought.

That picture above you can see some of the cream being carried along.
I feel like such a b*tch for reviewing a pattern but again it’s personal preference, i am fussy and i DO like the finished look. I don’t use big hooks all the time, so that might be playing a factor in it, so i have ordered some larger hooks that are more comfortable and a bit better quality.
Meh, so i think i will drop this project for a while as i really want to do this cable blanket 😀

So whilst i was taking some pictures today, Peter Rabbit flew off the shelf and sat next to me wanting to be in the limelight. I did explain to him that he couldn’t just barge in on my photo’s but he insisted. I don’t think Roman is a huge fan of his ego either.. He kept wanting to kiss him!


In other news, i have been editing my first Youtube video which is a Sims 4 speed build, my other thing for my mic came last night (yeah amazon at night!?) so i can voice over, then i will film my bullet journal video and edit it.
I am also a proud owner of a Kindle LOL! I went to CEX  and got a 2016 edition for £42 so i am pleased with that, i don’t mind second hand stuff.
It’s still not the same as reading a book but when i had the app on my phone i would read so many books a week – So i am hoping i can read more.

Last but not least, i have made my Youtube channel banner, what do you guys think?
Twinklehook (1)
I hope everyone is having a great day, i will be baking tomorrow eeeeeeek. Mary Berry of course! So i will have to make sure the kitchen is clean urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh cause atm i have pans everywhere LOL

Take care folks! xox

Wipith Wednesday-ith | Jan 3rd 2018

Well hello, i bet you didn’t expect a wip post from me LOL – SO I have had this C2C blanket since last year and i am almost finished but because its quite big, like i mean it’s the biggest blanket i have ever made. My mum has made about 5 throws in the past 6 months including a bloody double bed – Me however i find comfort in baby blankets.

This blanket was for me, i went all out and spent probably in total about £80 on yarn for this because it’s my favourite yarn. King Cole drifter.
I think i started this project about 6 months ago – YUP! My first crochet goal of this year was to finish this and all unfinished projects, even though i am about to start two more maybe 3 *oops*
This means i have my crojo back, and i am freakin excited!! CROCHETING FOR ME!!!

THIS IS AN OLD PIC OF THE BLANKET and this was when i had just started it, its waaaay bigger now and i did take a more recent picture to show my mum but i can’t seem to find it on my phone. wp-1491604088020.jpg


So imagine this blanket way bigger and imagine that i only have about 20 rows to do – Do you guys thing i can get this done by the weekend?
Once it’s done ill have a full post with measurements, how much yarn etc.

Happy WIP day, and let me know what  your crafting away 🙂 xo