I won April Camp Nano, now what? | Also snippet of new story idea.

  I know i mentioned on my writing insta @rebeccawritesstuff that i won Camp Nano and i took a good week off from writing. I was very tired, one being the sense of achievement is over whelming (I've never won it before and succeeded at something like this with my writing) but i did have some… Continue reading I won April Camp Nano, now what? | Also snippet of new story idea.


Let’s write – Writers FB group

  Bonus post! - I've created a FB group for writers and published authors to connect! I would love to have a little safe place of my own and hopefully others will join too. I want to be able to give and gain advice, connect with writers, encourage each other AND AND - We can… Continue reading Let’s write – Writers FB group


Writers let’s connect!

  I have no crafty WIPS just my writing but i thought i needed to blog as i don't want to slip into not blogging when i don't have much to say, thought i would post - BUT i know that some will see it as why post when you have nothing to say.. I… Continue reading Writers let’s connect!

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Inspiring Blog Awards

  Gather around for the most prestigious award to date! Just kidding, it's not. I've seen a few of these mini blog awards floating about, and even more so I've seen my own name! So I wanted to address it and make a post so i didn't seem somewhat rude. Firstly - The reason i… Continue reading Inspiring Blog Awards